Make 20+ years of corporate clinical and administrative experience in Prosthetics &

Orthotics work for you.  Specializing in the provision of high end prosthetics & orthotics such as Microprocessor-Controlled Knees & Microprocessor-Controlled Feet.  

Helping you practice appeal avoidance.  Get paid &stay paid.     

Medicare approval for MPK's & MP Feet with first time pass

We are a second pair of eyes to help you through the documentation, coding, approval and reimbursement process.  We offer chart review, prior authorization assistance, appeal representation, education, clinical & technical support in a group or case by case.   

The Power of Good Advice.

Clinical Consulting Services

Working one on one or with groups of clinicians/administrators we support, educate and help you do what you do best; Taking care of your patients.

No surprises, fees agreed up front with no hidden extras.  Communicate with confidence using HIPAA compliant encrypted file transfer.

Business Growth

Getting paid and staying paid requires effective clinical documentation

Documentation assistance

Clinician to clinician chart review to ensure you meet payer policy

Coding Assistance

Product development

and market consultant


Expert One on One Clinical Support


Years of Experience
in the Orthotics & Prosthetics Industry

About Us

Personalized business support with clinical excellence

A Minnesota based consulting company established in January 2019 offering corporate level support to smaller prosthetic and orthotic providers.  Areas of clinical expertise include:  Lower extremity microprocessor controlled prostheses.  Education, Clinical documentation support,  Medical necessity, Policy review, Coding, reimbursement, appeal representation and practice growth.  

Consulting with manufacturers to assist in business growth for new and existing products, providing marketing and clinical expertise, product evaluation/review, coding and reimbursement resources.


Client Testimonials

Cory Ayer

Kevin is very knowledgeable when providing documentation and justification for medical necessity. I had the pleasure of working and collaborating with Kevin on Medicare requirements for the “Linx System”. No matter how frustrated I was with medical jargon, Kevin kept me focused and the assurity that the patients needs are being met as well as adhering to insurance policy.

Adam McPherson

I had the privilege of working with Kevin for many years in the medical device industry and experienced first-hand his approach to developing a long-term value oriented relationship for us and our companies. Kevin exemplifies the definition of a true business partner. His ability to collaborate and develop beneficial and actionable objectives make for win-win outcomes for all parties involved. He is a wonderful communicator and brings energy, leadership and integrity to every project and interaction.




Tel. 952-237-8489


Excelsior, Minnesota

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